Queen van de Heemstede

2013 Crown Mare

Sometimes the Friesian finds you.  Queen was brought to our attention when we weren't even looking for another mare.  But opportunity knocked and when we saw her, we knew she needed to be a part of our breeding program.  Sired by one of our favorite stallions, Beart 411, Queen  carries on much of what he is known for.  She has a jet black coat, an awesome walk, and superb sport horse.

While Queen is a young mom, we have no worries she will out-produce herself based on her impressive pedigree.  Plus she scored a 78.5 on her Ridden IBOP  on her first and only attempt as a 4 year old.  With this high sport aptitude, Queen is a welcomed addition to our farm.  

Beart 411 x Ulke 338

Height:  164 cm

Stamline:  12

2016    1st Premie

2017    1st Premie, Crown

IBOP   78.5