Our Promise: Protect & Preserve

The most personable horse in the world.

Did you know the KFPS Friesian horse was nearly endangered?  Since that time, careful measures have been taken to bring this incredible breed back to thrive.  Though the gene pool is limited, it is certainly not impossible to breed stronger healthier horses for the world to enjoy for generations to come.  It just takes love and dedication to improve the breed.

Careful and mindful breeding practices to ensure this magnificent breed thrives for years to come are the benchmark of our breeding program.  Keen Friesians has made a commitment to the breed and spends hundreds of hours every year researching pedigrees, motherlines, and performance records to ensure the horses we produce will have the traits desired to be the ultimate sport horse and lifelong companion.  Temperament is of utmost importance and we understand what it takes to ensure this trait passes on to each new generation.  Willingness to work, willingness to persevere, and willingness to please are key character traits we strive for in every foal we produce.  

Marrying sound minds with sound bodies is the final goal.  Through the keuring (inspection) process and truly understanding our mares’ conformation, we specifically target stallions that will improve the conformation of the mothers without sacrificing breed racial type and character.  We aim to achieve the total package while maintaining the lowest kinship percentage possible. 

Whether you are looking for your next performance partner, or a steady horse to explore the trails, a Keen Friesian wants to be by your side through it all.