Labor of Love

Surrounded by the Miracle of Life

Being the guardian of the Friesian horse means putting every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into each breeding with the hopes that every breeding takes, that every pregnancy thrives, and every baby flourishes.  The miracle of life surrounds us 365 days a year.  Whether nurturing a pregnant mom or a newborn foal, our passion for this breed is evident in all we do.  Our barn was designed to maximize the comfort of our moms and the safety of our babies. From nutrition to veterinary care, and everything in between, our horses are cared for like members of our family.

Each foal is produced with the same goal:

Healthy, smart, willing, curious and confident.  When foals leave our farm to go to their homes, they have already experienced many things that will make them a good citizen and a pleasure to be around.  They are weaned on a gradual system to minimize the stress, learn to easily  load in a trailer, and have been seen by the veterinarian and farrier.  They are handled a lot - but not so much that they become spoiled and unsafe.  

Breeding Friesians that excel in ridden and driven dressage

We are expecting 3 foals in 2019 - Reserve yours today!