Anne van de Anne Hoeve

2008 Crown Mare

Anne was imported to our farm in 2017. Anne won us over with her kind and sweet nature.  While she tends to be a bit sensitive,  Anne amazes us with her ability to trust us no matter what.  

She is a big, beautiful mare.  Her movements are quite big too.  She just floats and is a lot of fun to ride! Anne scores very high for racial type and has a very noble head.  

Anne's pedigree is outstanding.  She has one of the top pedigrees in North America.  Her dam line is every bit as impressive as an any approved stallions'.  Her mother has earned the predicates Model, Sport, Preferent, and Prestatie.  This is very rare.  Anne is an extraordinary addition to our breeding program.  She just needs one more of her offspring to earn a Star predicate and she will be awarded the coveted Preferent predicate! 

Onne 376 x Tsjerk 328

Height:     169 cm

Kinship:   18.1

Stamline:  02

IBOP :       77

2008  2nd Premie

2011  1st Premie, Prov Crown

2012   1st Premie Crown


Elias 494 Foal due May 2019